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Web Sites for Sports Clubs

Dynamic Web Solutions has an excellent solution for sports clubs. Club officials know that timetable, event and venue information can get out of date very quickly. It only takes one rainy day to create timetabling chaos. Use our solution for sports clubs to keep your team mates in the loop.

What Your Sports Club Gets

Our web sites for clubs allows you to control all aspects of your site.

Feature List:

  • Change the text on any and every page of your site. No outside help needed!
  • Add and remove your own pages
  • Upload images
  • Choose a design from pre-prepared designs. Change between two or more chosen design in a second.
  • Set up a list of useful links to add value to your web site e.g. to your sponsor's web sites
  • Create flash photo galleries
  • Add a form to capture enquiries
  • Send newsletters to keep your members up to speed

Content Management interface for sports clubs
Content Management System for Sports Clubs
Sample Navigation for a Club:
About Us | Timetable | New & Events | Photo Gallery | Duty Roster | Committee Members | Trade or Sale

What Your Users Get

Feature List:

  • users have up-to-date timetable, venue, news, location and event information at their finger tips
  • photo gallery
  • emailed news announcements
  • site search
Sport club web site

What We do for Your Club...

  • customise your chosen design where required
  • create all the pages you need (you can add and remove pages later if you need to)
  • populate the pages with your text and photos (these must be supplied all together, on one day)

then support...

  • one hour's phone orientation to get you started
  • ongoing support by email or messenger
  • online documentation

all the necessary hosting and email set up...

  • register a domain name (an ABN is required for .au domain names)
  • set up the hosting environment including email, webmail and web stats
  • all hosting and domain name registration done in Australia, keeping Australians in work

and finally marketing...

  • submit your web address to over 150 search engines

$660 for 1 year
Your club MUST be a not-for-profit to take up this offer.
Total includes domain name registration (2yrs).
1 years hosting with content management system.
On-the-shelf design i.e. not custom design.
Time required: 2 weeks.
All text & photo supplied in electronic form, on one day.
Ongoing annual commitment: $660

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Pay with PlayMate Express


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Web Site Design
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How come this offer is so cheap?
This is for two reasons:
1. we do not do any design. We ask you to select from one of many "themes" which we install and tweak on your behalf.
2. you deliver all your text and photos on one day... in electronic form. This means we are not waiting for your inputs or chasing you for them.

Can I have my own email address with my domain name?
yes, you can have up to five. Just tell us what you want and we will set it up.

Can coaches update their own pages?
yes, you can choose to give them access to the content management system with their own log in and quarantine them to certain functions.

Can I add photos?
yes, you can upload photos to insert into your pages. With photo gallery pages you will need to send us all the photos you want in the gallery and let us set it up for you.

Can I have a registration form?
yes. The form will send data to an email address you nominate. There is a limit of ten fields.

What do I have to do to get started?
1. Pay a $660 for 1 year
2. Write the text for each of your site's pages in your favourite text editor
3. Collect the pictures you want on your site as jpegs
... supply 2 and 3 in one email to Dynamic Web Solutions.

Australian Made
We buy locally and keep jobs in Australia.

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Pay with Playmate Express


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