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Tutorial Overview

Topics covered in this tutorial (click link to jump to topic):

1. iPhone Intro
3. Camera Shutter
4. Cool Apps
5. Special Mobile Web Sites

iPhone Intro

This tutorial targets a few small problems and common questions you may have about your new iPhone. It tries to give you a solution for each. It ends with some cool apps you can download and add to your iPhone.

Not ringing?
Oops, you have set the iPhone to silent mode! And no, if you dig in the software Settings > Sounds, that doesn’t help. What you have done is accidentally turned on the silent mode with a little switch top left (on the side). This is easy to do as you slip you iPhone in your pocket or whatever. More discussion here: http://www.macworld.com/article/58826/2007/07/iphonegmail.html

Trouble with Contacts
Having trouble getting you contacts across from Office 2000 into your shiny new  iPhone? Want the short story? It simply isn’t possible – iTunes will synch with Office 2003 and 2007, but not earlier versions (crap eh?).

Also, dragging and dropping vcards doesn’t work in the iPhone. Unlike iPods, Windows computers do not treat the iPhone as a drive. You will see this if you connect you iPhone and look in my computer. No drive letter assignment. You will only be able to get your iPhone’s photos in My Computer.

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Reading PDFs
PDFs can be loaded onto your iPhone or iPad via iTunes. You may have notices a folder named C:\Users\YourName\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Books after you installed iTunes. If so, save your PDFs or ebooks here and then synch (you may have to tick an option to synch the books folder in the synch settings), this will load the PDFs into your Bookshelf app on your iPhone or iPad. Conversely, if you buy a book or download a PDF on your phone, it will be saved in the folder above the next time you synch. Once on the phone or iPad the PDFs font size can be zoomed and dictionary definitions can be found by tapping a word.

Don’t be Spanked by Data Roaming Charges
Like most mobile phones the iPhone roams, sms and phone that is, but be very wary of “data roaming”. That is any application that uses data: Safari and Mail particularly, but others like FaceBook can be data hungry too.

While you may find making calls and sending sms from your phone when overseas is not prohibitively expensive, you will find data roaming too expensive to use (unless you also own a Leah Jet, in which case it probably wont bother you too much). Some carriers, such as Vodafone in NZ and Australia have reciprocal arrangements that lower data costs, but these only extend to NZ and Australia and note the UK and Europe.

There really is only one work around to this, and that is finding a wifi network to join. Turn off data roaming in Settings>General>Network.

Email & Spam on the iPhone
Email on the iPhone is well thought out. It even supports multiple pop accounts. What it doesn’t have, which is critical today, is spam control. There is a work around. If you can direct your email to a Gmail account you can set the iPhone only to check your Gmail account for all your mail. Your webmaster can set up the necessary forwarding for you or you may have some sort of control panel (Cpanel or Plesk) with your hosting account.

Finding a Contact
Is there a way to search for a single contact? Yes. But it is not all that obvious. If you have already synched with an Outlook or Windows address book you probably have a very long list of contacts.

You may have missed the tiny little magnifying glass top right above the “A” that will give you a search box. You only would have seen this previously if you scrolled to the top of the list, so the top of the “A”s were displayed. You can tap once by the time on any list and be taken to the top of the list/page.

You can also swipe left to right the home screen to get the "Search iPhone" search box, then search for your contact there.

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Camera Shutter

Here is a quick tip… the camera shutter released when you take you finger off the shutter button bottom centre of the screen. Don’t tap the shutter button; hold your finger on it, and only release with the picture is properly composed and focused. This is very useful to know if you are trying to catch someone of something in action.

You can tap anywhere on the screen to focus (a blue square comes up on the display). This not only focuses on that area (which may already seem clear in your display), but also adjusts the exposure and white balance automatically for the main area of your image. This also works for the video camera as well.

More iPhone camera tip and tricks.

Cool Apps

Through either the iPhone and in iTunes, it is possible to download little helper programs called “apps”. These programs are small in byte size and usually have a single or specific function.

Some cool iPhone apps to get you started are listed below:

  • Smule’s Ocarina – an "ocarina" is a pot flute or whistle flute for the uninitiated. This amazing iPhone application turns your iPhone into a musical instrument with pitch and vibrato http://ocarina.smule.com/
  • Trapster - turn it on while you drive and receive voice prompts on upcoming speed cameras and common locations of mobile speed cameras. Uses crowd sourcing to keep the information up to date
  • Dropbox - your iPhone and iPad do not have a file system or hardrive. User files can no be stored on it. You can at least see your desktops files if your use Dropbox across all your computing devices
  • TuneIn Radio - listen to radio from around the world
  • IMD - or "Internet Movie Database", the IMD app puts the IMD web site in a mobile friendly format
  • Shazam - have Shazam listen to music anywhere and return info on the song, album and artist
  • Facebook – get a cut down version of Facebook just for iPhone
  • WikiTap – wikitap gives you wikipedia in your hand. Instead of using the iPhone’s Safari browser you can get this free dedicated application? Why is this useful? It means that no sundry html or images are loaded to get you what you what, the definition or information, just the information is loaded.

Here are some New Zealand specific apps: tvGuide, WeatherNZ and TrafficAKL. Both Qantas and Air New Zealand have iPhone apps.

Special Mobile Web Sites

Just as Facebook and Wikipedia have specialize apps for the iPhone that offer less functionality and therefore less data requirement, so to are there web sites designed specially for iPhone. Look at the addresses below. Note the “m.” or “mobile.” In front of the ordinary web address? This denotes a smaller cut down version of the site specifically for mobile devices.

  • http://m.abc.net.au
  • http://m.nzherald.co.nz
  • http://mobile.smh.com.au
  • http://m.google.com

Interestingly, “WML” or wireless mark up language, then the “.mobi” domain name space (again with its own mark up language) were supposed to be used for mobile devices. Neither really got legs as individual companies used subdomains and there own mark up.

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