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1. iPod will not Turn on, Turn off, or Wake up?
2. Can’t connect you iPod?
3. iPod tricks and tips

iPod Help


iPod will not Turn on, Turn off, or Wake up?

1. Make sure the Hold switch is off. If the lock is on, a lock symbol appears on the screen. Slide the Hold switch to the unlocked position and check the screen to see if the lock disappears.

2. Make sure the battery is charged. Connect your iPod to the mains or connect it with its USB cable to your computer. If it is charging the little battery symbol will appear on the top right of the screen with a little lightening bolt through it.

3. Try resetting the iPod. Press and hold the Menu and Centre buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears in about 6 to 8 seconds. You may need to repeat this step. For earlier models hold the Menu and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously.

4. Let iPod's battery drain… If it won’t start you will just have to leave it for a while until the battery drains. Then charge it again as at 2. above.

5. Update the iPods software. This is achieved through iTunes. Connect your iPod to your computer. It should appear under “Devices” on the left and the “Summary” screen should be displaying. In the centre of the summary screen see the “Version” area. Note the “Check for Update” and “Restore” buttons to the right.

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Can’t connect you iPod?

Following the five Rs…

Press and hold the Menu and Centre  buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears in about 6 to 8 seconds. You may need to repeat this step. For earlier models hold the Menu and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously.

Retry your iPod with a different USB port on your computer, not a USB port on your keyboard or hub.  Make sure iPod is the only device in your or USB chain. Disconnect everything but the mouse, keyboard, and your iPod, then see if it will turn on.

Restart your computer, and make sure that you have the latest iTunes and iPod software updates installed.

To update and reinstall your iPod software, first download the latest version of iTunes. The iTunes software is revised often, so check for a newer version (this is often done as iTunes opens, or do “Help>Check for updates”. The iTunes set up files is presently nearly 70mb, so you will need a broadband connection to get the latest file.

Next, open the upgraded version of iTunes and connect your iPod to your computer.

Select your iPod in the Device list (left hand pane) and click "Check for Update" under the Summary tab. iTunes will check to see if your iPod needs to be updated and perform the update for you.

Note: Because Restore erases all of the songs and files on iPod, make sure to back up any files you've saved on the iPod disk. All of your songs, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and games can be loaded back to your iPod provided that you have them stored in your iTunes Library.

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iPod tricks and tips

Getting VCFs onto your iPod

You can carry around all you or contacts on your iPod as your iPod supports the VCF files. However getting your contacts out of Outlook as separate VCF files is not a straightforward procedure. There is a sneaky workaround however. In Outlook create a new message. Attach all your VCFs to it. You don't need to send it. Now simply control + A to select all the VCF files and right mouse click and copy them or drag them into another folder on your desktop. The next time that you connect up your iPods to your PC go into My Computer and put them in the contacts folder on the iPod.

Battery Management on the iPod

My strong suggestion to you is that you add the "sleep" function to your main iPod menu and every time you finish using your iPod put it to sleep and then move the "hold" button to orange position. This is the only way to make sure that the iPod is truly powered off and not on standby mode and that subsequently you can't knock it in a bag or in your pocket and turn it back on.

Scratches on your iPod

When you first received your iPod it came in a pristine, black square box. You removed the many layers of packing, and there it was - shiny and new. But it didn't take long to be covered with your fingerprints, and not long after that to be covered in fine scratches as it rolled around in a bag, in your pocket or on the car dashboard.

Well, wouldn't it be neat if you could restore your iPod to the same shiny condition it was then when you received it in the cubed box. Well there is. You can purchase an inexpensive iPod cleaning kit called iCleaner at the Soft Connect. Be prepared to spend a little time polishing (slightly obsessively) when the kit arrives, but it will return it to "as new".

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