16 Sep

Is there a Google Sandbox?

well, maybe.

First up, the so called “Google Sandbox Effect” is only a theory, and has in no way been confirmed by Google. Secondly, even the developer community are in two minds about it – some assume it is a purposeful action on behalf of Google (the conspiracy theorists), others say it is just an aberration of the ranking algorithm (the mathematicians).

So what is it? Being “sandboxed” in Google means your site can’t be found. When I say “can’t be found” I don’t mean that it is 10th on the 100th page, I mean it is no where. Obviously if you have just paid for a web site, that is a problem for you.

Why would Google do this? Maybe to undermine the attempts of search engine optimisers and take some of the teeth out of their activities.

I have experienced the sandbox a couple of times – but that is only two times, and I make about 35 web sites a year. So if some unconfirmed phenomena like the “sandbox” does occur, it is rare.

And, after all, so what?

There are other search engines to get a position on. There are other web sites to get links from. There are other ways to get traffic to your web site eg. write a blog article or a review. In other words, don’t freeze in the headlights. Get cracking on non-Google web marketing. 

If you had to choose just one thing to over come the so-called “sandbox”, get inbound links. Not 2, not 6, but 50 plus. Make them relevant to your site – not just found anywhere. Start with directory sites and work outwards. Think about suppliers and customers. Do they have web sites you can get a link from?

Only time will tell us if Google created a sandbox. In the mean time, get busy with links.


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