This is a web marketing, self-help page. The two activities below are the first and most basic things you can do after your site goes live on the web.

Search Engine Submission

google-feed-other-search-enginesSearch engine submission is the process of saying to search engines “hey, there is a new (or changed) web site over here. Come and look at it“. Site submission doesn’t guarantee you of first page position on Google, but it puts your site in the search results pages. Submission URLs follow:

OK, that was easy, what’s next?

Inbound Linking

You need links: lots of them, preferably from sites with some thematic connection to your site.
Go to each of the sites below, create an account and add you business details. Record all the login usernames and passwords you use, so you can return and update your business listing later, say if you change a phone number or postal address.

Note that many of these large directory sites have approached Google directly about their sites and are working with Google to get their content listed highly on the search results pages. This works for Google as well, as there is no easy way to spam results in these directories as account is required. This creates more trusted content for Google too.

What Else Can I do?

  • You can make sure your offline marketing (business cards, TV, radio and print ads, car and outdoor signage) all carry your web address.
  • You can buy Google Ads. A budget of around $300 a month is required.
  • You can start a spam compliant email list at Mailchimp or Constant Contact
  • You can start blogging (article writing). A website made by DWS will have this built in.
  • You can use social media to drive traffic to your site (although building an audience on social media can be time consuming).
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