31 Jan

Promote Your Web Address

As a web designer it is pretty disheartening when you make a web site, submit it to search engines, create directory pages for it, post about it on social networking, request links to it from other relevant web sites … and then this happens:

  • The web site owner runs a TV or radio ad …and excludes the web address
  • The web site owner takes out a number of classified newspaper or magazine ads… and excludes the web address
  • The web site owner has a panel van, large 4WD or location sign …and neglects to put their web address on it somewhere

Sounds like common sense? One would think. If I only had a dollar for every lost opportunity. My point is: don’t neglect an opportunity to market your web site in the real or offline world.

Here are some extra marketing ideas

  • Business stationary or “livery” – documents like business cards, envelopes, letterhead, reorder forms, fax covers, invoices etc can all prominently display your URL
  • Premium items or “plush” – have you considered using give-aways such as caps, calendars or pens to display your web address?
  • Email marketing – have you got a collection of business cards? If so, you have permission to email those people. Create a Mailchimp.com list and email offers and updates monthly.
  • Vehicle wrap – your car may be tax deductible if you use it to advertise your business by adding a vinyl wrap to it
  • TV and Radio – obviously pricey, but if your marketing budget stretches that far, and you can identify your customers in the stations demographics, then these channels could be helpful. Remember though, some groups simply don’t watch TV with ads.
  • Posters and Billboards – as above.
  • Press Releases – use your local papers and push out news and events to them written in press release format.
  • QR codes – create a a QR code, print it on stickers and add these to any packaging or containers.

There are plenty of offline opportunities to market your web address. Try as much as possible to integrate your online and offline marketing.

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