02 Feb

Setting Up Email Accounts

Hey, I already told you at www.dynamicwebs.com.au/tutorials/email.htm… but here it is again in brief:

The following instructions pertain specifically to Outlook Express, as it is the most common mail client. These links should help you for Thunderbird (open source Outlook alternative) or Entourage (Macintosh).

To get started, open Outlook Express, go to the “Tools” menu, choose “Accounts”, then hit the “Add” button on the top right of that dialogue box. Select “Mail”.

Outlook Express will put you into a “wizard” to help you set up a mail account.

The wizard asks for the following information, in this order:

  1. Your plain English name. This can be anything you like, but as this name will be appearing in my correspondent’s inbox, it is better to give your name or business name. You can include spaces and uppercasing. Go “Next”.
  2. Then you will be asked for the e-mail address. Remember: all lower case and no spaces!
  3. Then you will be asked for the POP and SMTP servers as discussed above. The Smpt server is sometimes also called the “Outbound” mail server. These will have been supplied to you by your ISP or web developer. Here are two examples:
    Pop server: mail.bellingen.com (this is the server that has your mailbox on it)
    Smtp server: mail.aapt.net.au (this is the server that will send you email. Note it can be different than you Pop server)
    Again, all lowercase, and no spaces.
  4. Once you have given your Pop and Smtp details, go “Next”.
  5. Now you will be asked for your “account name” and password. The account name is your email address. “msmith@bellingen.com” in the example above. Go “Next”.
  6. You will get the “Congratulations” message, now go “Finish”. The wizard closes. A new line item for the account you just added is visible in the “Internet Accounts” dialogue box.
  7. That’s it. You are ready to test the connection. Close the “Internet Accounts” dialogue box. Go to your “Send and Receive” button on the tool bar, click it once. You will see Outlook Express attempting to connect to all of your e-mail accounts. Note you can check one at a time if you do not want to check them all in one go.

Today, most e-mail clients allow you to check multiple e-mail POP accounts in the same dial in session. This is because people often have 2 or more e-mail addresses or a family may have e-mail addresses for each of the individuals in the family.

Microsoft’s Outlook Express Set Up Instructions

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