12 Feb

Skype Service Improves

Skype has been around for some time, but is only now getting legs due to the prevalence of broadband connections and laptops. Skype is software that allows you to use your computer to call other Skype users. The call goes to their computer. These calls are free, however, not everyone uses a computer all day and so Skype has an outbound service called “Skype Out”. This service allows you to call from your computer to any phone, any where in the world for a small charge. Rates vary, but are much, much lower than using a landline.

A headset makes the call private and the mic quality better. Headsets can be purchased from Dick Smiths or Officeworks for between $10 and $35. Call quality has improved out of sight since Skype first come along, but outages still occur occasionally. Skype also has built in teleconferencing. A basic camera is required.

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