31 Jan

Keywords Meta Tag – Trashed!

Many web site owner’s have been told that there is a magic “meta” something that you use for keywords and your site comes up number one, Bob’s your uncle.

 While there may have been some truth in this 5 or 6 years ago, some naughty web site developers packed so many useless and misleading keywords into the keyword meta tag that search engine companies had no choice but to walk away from it as a means of sorting out the relevancy of sites to various searches.

The “four majors”; Google, Yahoo, MSN and All the Web are ignoring the keyword meta tag. Other smaller engines may still look at it, but only assign minimal credibility to it.

The game is over for the keyword meta tag. Keyword stuffing made it useless.
You will have to look to over areas and structure fo your html documents to present your chosen keywords.

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