31 Jan

What’s in a Title?

The title tag is an html tag located in the source code (the html) of your web site. It appears in the top, title area of your browser window… and amongst the search engine results pages or “SERPs”.

In the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) the title tag is glowing red hot. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE ON THE SCREEN TO INCLUDE YOUR CRITICAL KEYWORDS. That’s right, no where else on your pages is it so vital to add exact keywords you want your site to be found by.

Have you noticed that when you look at the SERPs many web site titles cut off and end in “…”? This is because Google cuts off long title tags and retricts them to 65 characters. Therefore you should avoid long titles.

The title tag is glowing red hot for search engines.
This is where to work your keywords hardest.
But, don’t over do it, you only have 65 characters.

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