07 Feb

Not All Paras Are Equal

In the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), not all paragraphs are equall. For example a search engine will treat the first para on your page as more important than the second para and the third.

In fact the paras cool off in importance as the page lengthens… until the final para which is assumed to contain summary information and therefore warm up in importance.

This means you should present your important keywords in your first para.
Don’t miss this important opportunity.

The same is true of links. The first link on your page is glowing red hot for search engines. Make sure it has a good keyword in it.

The same is true of headings on a page.  A top level heading in an <h1> tag gets more importance attributed to it than an <h2> and <h3> tag.

Summary: selected areas of your web pages are being examined more closely than others. Make sure the first link, heading and para of each of your pages carrys your important keywords.


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